Welcome to the Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Club (NEMARC) DXing and Contest Society website!

Hello, my name is Scott Davis, N3FJP, and I'd like to tell you about the Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Club (NEMARC). The term "club" is used loosely. We don't elect officers or collect dues. The focus of our group is to share our enthusiasm for and enjoyment of Amateur Radio with a minimum of structure.

Centered in Harford County, we welcome all hams in the Northeast Maryland area including Harford, Cecil and Baltimore counties. Some of our favorite activities include chasing DX, participating in contests, antenna experimentation, CW, SSB, digital modes and on the air nets. We even have our own ARRL affiliated contest club (which, by necessity, is slightly more organized) - the Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society with club call sign NE3MD!

Did you know that there are almost 500 hams in Harford County alone? We all share the common bond of Amateur Radio and very likely have many similar interests, but most of us have never communicated with more than a small fraction of the hams in our area. NEMARC's goal is to open the pathways for communication via "on the air" nets and an e-mail reflector for discussion of any and all aspects of Amateur Radio and related interests. A small list of the many possible topics for discussion include antennas, astronomy, computers, contesting, CW Practice, DX, electronic principles, emergency preparedness, Field Day, packet, propagation, QRP, testing sessions, satellites, software and weather. Here is a map showing many of our members.

When you join NEMARC, there are no obligations. In fact, membership is just a matter of subscribing to the e-mail reflector and joining us on the air to connect and share the great hobby of Amateur Radio. Please subscribe to our e-mail reflector by clicking here or sending an e-mail to NEMARC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Several of us work from home or are otherwise engaged in home activities nearly full time, so we monitor the 2 meter frequency, 146.595 FM simplex often throughout the day. Please be sure to put out your call anytime and join us on the net!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about NEMARC!

73, Scott